Welcome to CineSavannah!

CineSavannah is a free community resource for all video and film production people associated with Savannah, Georgia and the surrounding area. As a free resource for all members of the community, CineSavannah is open to anyone working or studying in a field allied to the production industry.

Our most important feature on this site is the community forum, where members can communicate with other members. It's free to join and participate, and we encourage anyone associated with film and video production in and around Savannah to join us!

About CineSavannah

CineSavannah is the culmination of an idea by Tim Gill and Eric Darling, two Savannah-based production professionals who are interested in building a stronger and more lively community.

While the core of CineSavannah is the community forum, this site will also serve as a news and events source for things related to film and video production, particularly where related to the Savannah area.

I thank…Accept my gratitude…Thanks…from the deep of my heart.

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Certain areas of this web site are not yet completed, so please bear with us as we get things up and running. See you on the forum!

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